Shiatsu causes a better life quality, whatever your age, your condition and your state of well-being / discomfort. Shiatsu is an ancient oriental massage technique that takes place in a quiet environment, lying on a soft cotton mattress on the ground. At the end of the treatment, usually 60 minutes, you will have recovered the full expression of your vital resources. The aim of Shiatsu treatment is always the achievement of a better physical and emotional balance and anyone can benefit from it, adults, teens, pregnant women and the elderly.
Plantar Reflexology
Plantar reflexology is a gentle art, a science and an extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage. It is a technique based on the pressure of specific reflex points of the foot, which is based on the premise that these reflex zones have correspondences in all parts of the body. It is essential that the professional who practices the technique of Plantar Reflexology has strong but sensitive hands, a genuine desire to alleviate pain and suffering, of intuition, compassion and understanding of human nature.